manholes & wetwells



While prefabricated concrete may be the cheaper option for manholes and wetwells, it is far from the ideal solution for sewage applications. It is prone to corrosion from hydrogen sulfide found in sewer gas, which leads to infiltration of groundwater, or exfiltration of sewage into the surrounding soil. That means street closures, service disruptions, costly repairs, and even environmental damage. Fiberglass is non-reactive to sewer gas; it will not degrade under the same conditions, saving you time and money in the long run. Our monolithic designs minimize the risk of infiltration and exfiltration, as there are no joints or seals to weaken over time.

If you already have a concrete manhole or wetwell in need of repair or replacement, we offer Fiberglass Rehabilitation Manholes and Wetwells. Without even having to remove the damaged concrete, Fiberglass Rehabilitations effectively replace a concrete manhole or wetwell with a new, fiberglass one.


Whether it’s a new job site or a rehabilitation, our one-piece designs make installation simple.

The Containment Solutions family of sewage products includes:


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