CSI provides a full range of dependable products for the oil/water separator industry. Our underground separators utilize the same fiberglass manufacturing technology the petroleum industry relies on for environmental protection. The inherently non-corrosive properties of fiberglass provide the most compatible option for your separator application.


Our oil/water separators are constructed to remove hydrocarbons with a specific gravity up to 0.95 through the use of an enhanced oleophilic coalescer pack system. Oil/water separator designs vary based on required effluent quality and flow rates. An effluent quality of 10 parts per million (10 PPM) is typical but the difference between continuous flow and intermittent flow will drastically alter the coalescer pack sequence. We offer several options in both single and double-wall construction to meet your unique needs.


Use this Design/Sizing Questionnaire to help us find the best solution for your job.


Performance Features:


  • Removes free floating oils and settleable solids for oil/water mixtures to achieve an effluent quality not to exceed 10 ppm (mg/L) of free hydrocarbons.
  • Removes free oil droplets required to achieve 10 ppm effluent quality.


All CSI Oil/Water Separator Tanks are designed and tested in accordance with the following criteria:


  • Stokes law
  • The API manual on disposal of refinery wastes
  • API bulletin no. 1630 first edition
  • API bulletin no. 421
  • UL-1316
  • ASTM D-4021
  • EPA Test Methods 413.1 & 413.2
  • US Coast Guard 46CFR 162.050


Coalescer Technology:


State-of-the-art enhanced oleophilic coalescers are intricately positioned to take advantage of this technically advanced design. Coalescer plates are removable for ease of maintenance.

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