Fiberglass manholes



Fiberglass’ non-reactive nature to sewer gas, and our monolithic manufacturing process, makes our fiberglass manholes a great candidate for any treatment system. Infiltration and exfiltration are common in concrete treatment systems, as sewer gas prematurely corrodes concrete, particularly where two separate pieces join. The monolithic design of our manholes eliminates this problem. Made in lengths from 3’ to 50’ (or more upon request), the possibility of infiltration and exfiltration is drastically reduced by using fiberglass as compared to an equivalent manhole made of concrete.


Lightweight and structurally sound to withstand H-20 axle loads, our manholes are easy to install, taking only a small crew and a few hours, and are very reliable once in the ground. With over 25 years of successful installations, fiberglass manholes from Containment Solutions, Inc (CSI) are non-corrosive, watertight, economical and an effective solution to your wastewater system needs.


Fiberglass is simply the superior choice in manholes.



Features and Benefits:

  • H20 Load Rated
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Structural Strength
  • Lightweight
  • Monolithic Design
  • ASTM D 3753
  • Diameters (42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, 66”, 72”, 96”, 120”)
  • Lengths 3’ to 50’ (custom lengths available)
  • Cone openings ( Concentric: 22 ½”, 32”, 38”; Eccentric: 22 1/2”)
  • Corrosion and structural limited warranty in effect at time of shipment




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