Fluid Electronics for CSI Oil/Water Separator monitoring and control systems can be configured to satisfy a wide range of customer requirements. Control panels, sensors, probes and gauges are available for all double-wall, single-wall oil/water separator systems as well as for single-tank or multiple-tank installations.

Fluid Electronics include:

  • CPF Control Panels
    Fluid Electronics CPF Control Panels are Factory Mutual approved as an intrinsically safe system designed for monitoring CSI’s Fluid Electronics’ “float switch” sensors.  The control panels provide audible and visual indications of alarm conditions.
    Available in one (1), two (2), three (3), or four (4) channels


  • FDAS 710
    Fluid Electronics float switch sensor model FDAS 710 is specifically designed to monitor for the presence of liquid within the “dry” annular space of a double-wall fiberglass tank.


  • FOVF 600 B & S
    Fluid Electronics float switch model FOVF 600 is designed to provide a signal indicating that a liquid has reached a critically high level.
    Available in brass (FOVF 600 B) or stainless steel (FOVF 600 S)


  • FHRB 810
    Fluid Electronics dual float sensor model FHRB 810 is designed for monitoring hydrostatic reservoirs of double-wall fiberglass tanks by sensing changes in the level of brine within the reservoir beyond two set points, typically high and low.


  • FCBS 700
    Fluid Electronics float switch sensor model FCBS 700 is designed to monitor for the presence of liquid within a normally “dry” environment of a containment collar, bulkhead space, interstitial monitoring tube, oil pan, or tank sump.


  • FHLS 300 B & S
    Fluid Electronics dual float switch sensor model FHLS 300 is designed to indicate when a liquid has reached one of two predetermined points, high and low, with a storage tank.
    Available in brass (FHLS 300 B) or stainless steel (FHLS 300 S)


  • FOWS 40U B & S, 50U B & S, 60U B & S
    Fluid Electronics float switch sensor models FOWS 40U (single float), 50U (dual float), and 60U (triple float) are designed to provide reliable and accurate monitoring of the oil/water interface level within oil/water separators.
    Available in brass (FOWS 40U-B, FOWS 50U-B, and FOWS 60U-B) or stainless steel (FOWS 40U-S, FOWS 50U-S, and FOWS 60U-S)


For detailed information on OWS electronics contact a CSI representative today or email us using the sales contact search tool.

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