Largest Rainwater Harvesting Project




Huge Containment Solutions tanks are going in at Binghamton University. “This is the largest rain water harvesting (project) in upstate New York,” said Bill Hall, University architect. “200-thousand gallons of water retained in 4 different fiberglass tanks. It’s going to be used for harvesting for toilet flushing and also the biggest thing is make up water for the cooling towers.” This is at the latest construction for the Center of Excellence building. The deadmen anchoring system were brought in to hold the tanks in place. The four tanks each are 68 feet long and hold 50,000 gallons of water.


“Once they get finished putting the tanks in, they’ll put in a rainwater retention system where the rain off the parking lots, off the roof and other places will go into the retention system,” Hall said.


From the water retention system, the water will go into the tanks to be sent for sewage use and the cooling towers. “The cooling towers is an evaporative type of cooling system,” Hall said.


The accumulating and storing of water is expected to begin in 2013 when BU’s Center of Excellence opens.


“I think it’s neat that it’s one of the largest (water harvesting systems). But for the University it’s our next step in research. It’s the next building to bring us to where we need to be in research,” Hall said. BU’s Center of Excellence is one of six major high technology research facilities in the state. The university focuses on small scale systems.




Media Credit: Haley Burton, WBNG Binghamton


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