Buoyancy Calculations

Ideally underground tanks should be buried in stable soils and above the water table. However, in some installations the tank will be buried below the water table and special anchoring features are designed to effectively secure the tank. To assist you in designing the proper tank anchoring method, Containment Solutions offers buoyancy calculations for our underground fiberglass storage tanks.

To request calculations, fill out our Buoyancy Calculation Request Form below. If signed/stamped calculations are required, you must check the box and fill in the additional information. Signed/stamped calculations must be paid for, or a PO issued, in advance and will delay the typical turnaround time.

Project Name:
Project Address:
Project City:
Project State:
Project Zip:
Tank Diameter:Tank Capacity:gallons
Tank Design:SWDW DryDW Wet
CSI Drawing Number: ( number in the lower right bottom corner of the tank drawing )
Burial Depth: ( tank top to grade, including top slab if applicable ) inches
Sumps or Risers:Tank SumpManway Ext.Access RiserN/A
Tank Sump: (Qty of each)42"48"Other Size
Manway or Access Risers: (Qty of each)22"24"30"36"48"
Top Slab MaterialConcreteN/A
Thickness: inches
Water Table:The water table will be assumed At Grade since this is the worst case scenario.
Anchors:Concrete Deadmen AnchorsBottom Anchor PadNo Mechanical Anchoring
Bottom Anchor Pad:Thickness inches
Tank Orientation:Single TankMultiple Tanks
Space between multiple tanks: Side by Side: inchesEnd to End: inches
Factor of Safety: ( default is 1.2 per PEI recomended practice )
I require PE signed/stamped buoyancy calculations
Because this requires a local engineer. please enter the address of the project.
City:   State: Zip:
PE signed/stamped buoyancy calculations can be provided upon request for a fixed fee per excavation up to three (3) tanks. Signed/stamped calculations can delay requests beyond our normal expected turnaround time.
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